Medium Term Planning

Teaching and learning at Hill Mead begins with the Medium-Term Overviews which include relevant strands chosen from the Hill Mead Learning Journeys to ensure progression across the school. These overviews are further developed by the teaching team in each phase.

Each term, teachers in Nursery to Year 6 create a Medium-Term Plan to demonstrate the sequence of learning and how big ideas and concepts will be taught. This ensures that content, knowledge and skills are taught thoroughly and explicitly in logical progression to allowing children to build on prior learning and achieve clear outcomes.

These Medium-Term Plans are devised in collaboration with SLT and are informed by the Hill Mead Learning Journeys in Years 1 - 6 and by the Early Years Framework in Reception and Nursery.

All plans are working documents which are reviewed and revised by teachers to ensure they respond to the children’s interests and needs.