Personal Development at Hill Mead

Personal Development at Hill Mead Primary School is focussed on developing the whole child in order that they reach their full potential academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. We aim for all children to grow into well- educated, respectful, responsible adults who are:


  • Comfortable with who they are and have a deep sense of belonging
  • Respectful of others and see difference as positive
  • Able to make a positive contribution to school life, the wider community and society in general
  • Happy, safe, confident and resilient
  • Model citizens prepared for life in modern Britain


We offer lots of enrichment opportunities such as:

Planning a wide range of school trips locally and beyond. This provides the pupil with real-life experience, a better understand of the world around them and the skills to navigate themselves in public and other learning spaces.

Immerse theatre project for each year group, every year. This offer goes beyond the curriculum, developing children’s wider empathy and their understanding of their roles and responsibilities as citizens.

There is a wide range of workshops for each year groups and smaller groups of children, such as, healthy eating, dental health, fire brigade, horse-riding, bike ability and mentoring workshops that take place across the academic year.

Whole school assemblies bring the school communities together to find out about and discuss the current and historical events, including issues such as anti-bullying, looking after our planets, rights and responsibilities and celebrating a range of festivals and special events.

We aim to embrace the many talents and interests of our children and offer a range of extra-curricular opportunities based on pupil voice and regular school council meetings.

These are provided internally and in partnership with external organisations such as Unicorn Theatre, National Theatre, Brixton House, Mental Health Lambeth Team, Ebony Horse Riding and Beanstalk Readers.