Hill Mead pupils love to learn - in school and at home.

At Hill Mead Primary School, we believe that children learn best when parents work together in partnership with the school.

Children in all year groups receive a ‘Homework Grid’ with a range of exciting activities linked to their termly topics alongside the weekly key skills tasks at the beginning of each half term. Completing the homework projects allow the children to apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt at school which facilitates critical thinking and
independent learning. It also provides opportunities for parents/carers to work with their child or children to support the termly learning. There is always a sense of accomplishment when the children complete and hand in their projects.

According to the children, the homework projects are a fun and engaging way to do homework. It gives them a chance to use their own learning style, imagination and to decide how they wish to present their work; through photos, posters, written reports, drawings, sculptures, performance etc. Their choices tell the teachers more about the children’s individual interests. Within the activities, the children get the freedom and opportunity to show their creativity and actively involve their family. They are free to choose two or three activities that particularly interest them. Using their independent project planning skills and working with their family, they gradually bring the projects to life. Homework projects are celebrated in assemblies and displayed in school. The homework project can be accessed by ALL the children regardless of their
abilities or learning needs.

Through the homework projects, we:
• show the children that both home and school are interested in learning
• ensure a consistent approach to homework throughout school
• demonstrate to the children that learning does not only take place in school
• raise individual achievement, self-confidence and self-belief
• promote parental understanding, involvement and home support for children’s learning
• provide experiences that are sometimes different from those experienced in school which encourage them to plan, organise, observe, discuss and analyse
• encourage children to develop independent study strategies


The most important part of any child's homework is reading. Parents are encouraged to read with and listen to their child reading as often as possible. Reading records are used between home and school to record what children have particularly enjoyed or are proud of.


Children are given weekly spellings to pracitse and learn at home. These are tested in school. 

Times tables

There is a weekly times table challenge with feedback for children and parents. Children move on to the next level each week they get all the questions right.

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Hill Mead Weekly Homework