Behaviour & Attitudes at Hill Mead


“The children (all from Nursery to Year 6) were all focused on learning and the atmosphere was calm and conducive.” 

“The children (all from Nursery to Year 6) were all focused on learning and the atmosphere was calm and conducive.” 

Dr Gideon Sappor, Fellow Higher Education Academy, UCL Institute of Education, Nov 2022

The excellent behaviour and attitudes at Hill Mead ensures that pupils are safer, happier, less likely to be bullied, and can focus on their learning. All staff model and set expectations for positive learning behaviours as well as respectful and positive attitudes towards one another. For over a decade, Hill Mead has focused on nurturing the children’s intrinsic motivation for conducting themselves positively throughout their school journey. We do not use any stickers or behaviour charts. Pupils have very good relationships with their peers, teachers and all other adults in school. In the classrooms, our pupils want to learn, and they manage their own behaviour. At playtimes, our pupils play very well together, and understand how best to resolve disputes. In the community, our pupils are polite and courteous ambassadors of Hill Mead, and conduct themselves just as calmly as they would in school. We are very proud of our pupils and their behaviour and attitudes. 

Hill Mead is committed to provide a secure environment for pupils, where children feel safe and are kept safe. We do not tolerate bullying in the school. All adults are vigilant and support pupils to build and maintain positive and respectful relationships with each other. We endeavour to address any issues between pupils swiftly and monitor incidents closely. We maintain an open dialogue between teachers, pupils and parents to share information and ensure pupils feel safe and happy not only in school but also when travelling to and from school and when communicating with their peers outside of school. Our anti-bullying approach is reinforced through our RSHE curriculum as well as school assemblies and workshops.

Attendance and punctuality are closely monitored to ensure our pupils do not miss out on valuable learning opportunities and experiences. The start of the school day is a key time for teachers to check in with their pupils, preparing them for the day ahead, answering questions and queries and addressing any friendship, well-being or welfare issues. We also use this time for Individual Reading, Spelling and Times Tables Practise, Arithmetic and Mental Maths sessions as well as other targeted interventions. 

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