PE and Sports

At Hill Mead, we encourage all children to live a healthy and active life. We want our children to experience a variety of sporting activities through dedicated PE lessons, after school clubs and structured playtimes. We encourage all children to get into the habit of playing and enjoying sport as daily activity. 

Physical activity has huge benefits for children’s physical and mental health and provides opportunities for children to play with and alongside their peers in team sports and learn how to compete with each other, understanding rules and fair play.

We follow the National Curriculum for P.E. using the scheme Merton School Sport Partnership. In Early Years, teachers use Activity Cards to support the children’s Physical Development. Outside of lessons, Early Years children are provided with opportunities to develop their gross motor movements and ball skills during free flow and outdoor activities. In Key Stage 1 and 2 Schemes of Work, teachers plan and deliver a range of progressive and active PE lessons which inspire and engage the children. Children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports, such as Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Hockey and Rounders. 

Children have at least 1 hour of PE taught each week, with the focus changing each half term. We aim to ensure that the children participate in active lessons outside of their regular PE lessons. This can be in lessons, in designated movement breaks, at playtimes and in after school clubs. Our Sports Day is an opportunity to celebrate all of the skills learned across the year and is extremely well attended by all of our parents and wider school community.

All children will have the opportunity to participate in Swimming lessons at the local swimming pool where they learn basic swimming skills, life saving techniques and water safety. 

There are a range of after school sports clubs, including football, cricket, basketball, gymnastics, multisports and dodge ball. 

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There is also free (mixed) football and cricket squad (Surrey County Cricket Club) training every week by invitation only. We have partnered with Lambeth and Southwark Primary Schools Football League to provide organised, competitive football for boys and girls to encourage physical and social development, teamworking, discipline.