Let's problem solve! (Year 4)

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Hello Year 4!

We have learned how to multiply numbers using the 'short' multiplication method and we have learned our times tables. 

  • Can you use your skills to help solve these problems? 
  • Remember to use your Maths knowledge to explain your ideas once you have solved the problem!


This calculation was completed by a Year 4 child.


  • Can you explain what they have done incorrectly?
  • What is the correct answer? 

Two children completed these calculations. 

1                                   2   


  • Which child has made a mistake?
  • Can you explain the mistake they have made? 
  • Can you find the correct answer to the calculation?

These three calulation were done by a child


  • What do you notice about each of these calculations? 
  • Can you explain what they have done incorrectly?


Ms Wallace has chosen 3 numbers


Using only these numbers and multiplication (X) she is trying to get as close to the number 100 as possible. She has tried one combination already.



  • How many different combinations can you find? 
  • Can you use you multiplication skills to help you get closer to 100?