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Term Start of term Last day
Term One 6th September 2018 19th October 2018
Term Two 29th October 2018 21st December 2018
Term Three 7th January 2019 15th February 2019
Term Four 25th February 2019 5th April 2019
Term Five 24th April 2019 24th May 2019
Term Six 3rd June 2019 23rd July 2019

“This includes one training day yet to be fixed.”


Term Start of term Last day
Term One 5th September 2019 18th October 2019
Term Two 28th October 2019 20th December 2019
Term Three 6th January 2020 14th February 2020
Term Four 24th February 2020 3rd April 2020
Term Five 20th April 2020 22nd May 2020
Term Six 1st June 2020 21st July 2020


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