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At Hill Mead Primary School, we develop responsible & ambitious citizens with a hunger for learning, and the ability to achieve way beyond expectations.
We have an unflinching focus on learning, which allows us consistently to exceed national standards and maintain a reputation for teaching excellence.
We’re passionate about opening our students up to a wide range of experiences, delivering an innovative and creative curriculum which teaches students the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

We believe

That every child who walks through our door is capable of great things.
That instilling individual responsibility in our students is the best way to prepare them for future learning & for future careers.
That a calm, respectful school with clear boundaries is the best environment for our children to create, learn and thrive.
That the whole school community must work together to create an inspiring and supportive environment for children, parents and staff - a place that creates happy memories for everyone.


Hill Mead Primary School will be the first choice for local families seeking a nursery or primary school place.
We will be an environment that continues to attract & develop the most outstanding & ambitious teachers, and gain regular professional recognition for our achievements.
We will develop strong relationships with the local community, and other partners able to complement & enhance the outstanding education our students receive.
  Hill Mead Primary School, Moorland Road, Brixton, London SW9 8UE
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