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Hill Mead News Year 5 celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela
30 March 2017

We worked with Brixton’s Pegasus Opera on the theme Black Heroes…


We went on a trip to the Black History Archive to learn all about the life of Nelson Mandela, and about the history of South Africa.

After our visit to the BCA, we had 5 workshops to prepare, rehearse and perform an opera on Mandela’s life.

Bit by bit, we created and retold the story of the life of Mandela, from when he was 9 years old, until the day he finally became the first black President of South Africa.

5 Blue told the story through songs from the moment his father died, to becoming a member of the ANC and finally being arrested for treason.

5 Red picked up the story, up to the day when he became leader of a free nation. The people of South Africa celebrated the fact that they had a new President who was willing to fight for their freedom.

I, Edem felt proud to play this heroic figure on stage, someone who has stood up for equality and human rights in South Africa and all over the world.

By Edem and Abdishakur, Year 5

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Hill Mead News Digital Makers at Tate Modern 
30 March 2017

We took part in the Digital Makers at the Tate Modern…


We used pound shop toys and created open source interactive projects that will populate an “Electr’o’active Grid”. The grid let us get hands on experience with coding Arduino microcontrollers.

There were no other schools there but there were people from the Chelsea and Wimbledon Schools of Art.

We were also supported by people from CYLAND MediaArtLab, engineers from St. Petersburg, Russia. We have been working at Chelsea School of Art and have visited Tate Britain but this was our first visit to Tate Modern. It was very, very exciting.

We all had our own adult assistant. My (Nashiye’s) assistant, Lucy, and I made two motors, using coding Arduinos, that turned backwards and forwards. We also programmed the lights to go on and off in sequence.

Jheyson’s assistant, Zoe, was new to Digital Making so we needed to get some help from MediaArtLab. Our motor only went from side to side but he helped me to go in the direction I wanted him to go. He told me about degrees and how to change them.

This was such an adventure and we learned about some of the amazing things you can do with a computer.

By Nashiye and Jheyson, Year 5

Hill Mead News Romeo! Romeo!
30 March 2017

We have been learning about Shakespeare in Year 4…


One of the plays we have been looking at is Romeo and Juliet, a tragedy by William Shakespeare.

The National Theatre came into the school each week for about a month to work with us.

We started off with a workshop with John, who helped us memorise the story. After we learned the story we had to choose a scene and act it out in front of the National Theatre actors. It was really nerve wracking as everyone looks at you and you wonder what they are thinking.

Although we were nervous it was fun doing the drama and it helped us understand the story and the range of emotions the people in Shakespeare’s play went through.

The play showed us that love is always stronger than hate.

By Jason and David, Year 4

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Hill Mead News Science Week at Hill Mead
30 March 2017

Science Club have been venturing around the school demonstrating some of their favourite experiments…


Science Week is all about getting engaged with the exciting worlds of science, maths, engineering and technology.

The theme was flight, with different classes building hovercrafts from balloons, making rockets, and investigating the forces that make these things possible.

Abdi, Aaliyah and Nathan from the science club said “As science technicians, we assist and use our expertise to ensure all experiments go to plan.”

“We retry each experiment before taking it to different year groups to make sure we are professional.”

Thanks to Miss Blair for organising our fantastic Science Week!

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Hill Mead News Year 2 at the Unicorn Theatre
30 March 2017

We were the roving reporters on Year 2’s trip to the Unicorn Theatre…


The Unicorn shows lots of different kinds of plays like Double Act, The Man who Knows it All and The Minotaur (which I had seen before).

It was not long before we were sat in the auditorium watching the hilarious and amazing performance of the Velveteen Rabbit. Year 2 loved the adventures that the actors went on.

The play was about how the Velveteen Rabbit was forgotten for a long time but eventually was taken out of the toy cupboard by Nana.

There were lots of brilliant bits during the show, such as when they pulled the swords out of the bed and pretended that it was a pirate ship. A real rabbit appeared on the stage at the end of the play.

By Kelisiann and Miriam, Year 5

Hill Mead News Top Dogs in Maths – Again!
30 March 2017

Hill Mead have won the Sumdog Lambeth online maths competition!…


We had to answer 1000 questions during the six day competition from the 17th-32rd March 2017.

The contest involves all the year groups in the school. You have to be able to do all the mathematical processes from adding and subtracting through to estimating and problem solving.

We interviewed a few people from 4 Red and asked them about their experience during the competition. Konrad, in Year 4 Red said, “I was trying my hardest to answer all my questions.

I got a mixture of both hard and easy. I tried my best for the whole class to win.” Class 4 Red were second overall with a score of 600.

Tyrese, 6 Red, said, “What I really enjoyed was that Sumdog helped me to understand more mathematical investigations.”

Year 6 Blue have won this contest, but can they win again?

By Amira and Sapphire B, Year 6

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Hill Mead News Hill Mead Spelling Bee
30 March 2017

Year 5 and Year 6 have learned lots of tricky words for a Spelling Bee…


Our teachers asked us to do it to improve our spelling, but it also improved our confidence as we had to stand up in front of the whole school and spell out lots of words.

At first we were nervous about how many words we had to learn but once we got started we really enjoyed it.

A member of Year 6 said that she really enjoyed it because it was a competition between everyone. Jordan said, “At first I thought that it would be really really hard but then as I learnt more words I became happier and more confident.”

Our spelling bee started with the first round in class and we narrowed it down to the top 7 in each class – I (Sapphire) was lucky enough to make it. The most terrifying round took place in front of the whole school and we had to stand on stage!

The whole school was extremely impressed with all of us and we felt very proud as we stood there as champions.

The prize for winning the Spelling Bee was to go to Tales on Moon Lane and choose our own book followed by hot chocolate and cake. We could hardly wait.

The book shop had walls lined with amazing children’s books. The staff at the shop were kind and knew a lot about books so could help us choose one that was right for us.

The whole experience has improved our spelling and made us much more confident in our own ability. We can’t wait for the next one. Abdi, one of the winners, has one piece of advice for everyone in the next spelling bee, “Never give up.”

By Sapphire, Year 6 and Jordan, Year 5


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