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Hill Mead News Hill Mead Assessment Conference - 13th July.
27 May 2016

We are hosting our first conference, one year after Ofsted judged Hill Mead Outstanding in all areas!...


...Come and see how we promote & assess pupils' critical thinking, and how much we have gained since we stopped reducing progress down to a number on a spreadsheet!

You will be able to talk to teachers and to the pupils themselves. You will also hear from our academic partners, Dr. Myra Barrs, Sue Ellis (both previous Directors of the CLPE) and Sarah Horrocks (Director of the London CLC).

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Hill Mead News Hill Mead Football Champions Again! By Khaleed and Nathan.
27 May 2016

Hill Mead’s football team has lifted the Lambeth 6-A-side cup for the second year running...


...We started the Lambeth 6-A-Side League with a 3-0 win against St Annes Primary School. After that win, we made it our target to win the rest of our games; to give us a possible chance to win the league for the second time. Guess what? We didn’t disappoint. We started winning game after game, until it came to the last game against Granton Primary School. The pressure was on and we performed our best; we came out on top with a 2-0 win with Israel (top goal scorer with 49 goals) smashing in two brilliant goals.

Team captain Oumar was ecstatic; “Every one of us played extremely well even if we was not in our usual position we adapted to the situation. I hope when we leave the younger footballers can play even better.” Goalkeeper Khaleed only conceded three goals in 17 games.

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Hill Mead News Watching Year 1 perform at the National Theatre. By Amarnie and Marvin.
27 May 2016

One morning in May we joined Year 1 on a trip to the National Theatre to see their performance…


...When we got there we watched the Year 1s practice their play, and while they were practicing we made a video of them. We could see they were feeling anxious because they were practicing so hard, but we felt like the audience would really love their performance.

Before Year 1 went on stage, we interviewed some parents for our video, including Miss Nicholls’ mum. We watched the Story Fishers sing, and then it was time for Year 1 to perform. Year 1 Blue had jellyfish with glow sticks inside and the other class had glowing wrist bands and a shell clam. At the end all their hard work really paid off.

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Hill Mead News Meet the Author. By T’anna and Rashiloh.
27 May 2016

As part of the Tales from Moon Lane Book Festival, three year groups each met a different children’s author…


...After a lovely lunch at the wonderful Dulwich Park, we headed to Dulwich Picture Gallery. We took our seats and suddenly jumped when the energetic Marcus Alexander took to the stage. He began to tell us about his Keeper of the Realm books and the main character, Charlie Keeper.

He told us that he was getting paid for using his imagination in his books, and he said that we should try using it more often. He showed us pictures of his adventures around the world and how they inspired his writing, even some of the weird and wonderful food he has tried.

He inspired some of us to write ourselves! We really enjoyed his workshop; it was so entertaining, especially the hilarious moment when he picked up Rashiloh from the audience and threatened to ship him off to China!

As we went back outside into the sunshine he signed our posters and several of his books which we now can’t wait to read!

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Hill Mead News Outdoor learning at the Wetlands Centre. By Hafsa and David.
27 May 2016

Year 3 went on a trip to the Wetlands Centre in Barnes to learn about plants…


...We attended a workshop to explore all the different parts of a plant. We had to put the plants into groups of poisonous leaves and leaves you can eat. Later we were challenged to search for different types of plants, just like green-fingered detectives. The hardest plant to find was the dandelion, because there were hundreds of leaves that had the same shape. When we found all the plants we took part in a quiz.

Afterwards, we went inside a hide and using binoculars we looked at all the different birds. We saw geese and swans and baby ducks. The Wetlands Centre is an amazing place.

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Hill Mead News Minecraft at the CLC. By Sapphire B.
27 May 2016

Thirty children from Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Connected Learning Centre (CLC)…


...We were introduced to Rowan and Anna, who helped us through the steps of building our own city in Minecraft.

Firstly, we had pieces of paper that had a building/place on it and we had to put it on a website called City Plan. Then we had to explain why our building would fit perfectly in that spot. The next activity was designing our own mood board with an app called Comic Life. We had to go on the internet and find what buildings we liked and how we could make our building look the same.

Then we had a chance to explore a world another Year 5 class had built, and we got to see how Minecraft really works. Finally, we got to personalise our buildings in our own world. If we wanted materials we had to press the letter E to get all the varieties of blocks, doors and water. Some of us had trouble making them, but in the end we all got there. We could fly into people’s houses and we could play with them or swim with them.

Overall, we had a fantastic time with Rowan and Anna and we all enjoyed ourselves.

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Hill Mead News Year 3 Bikeability. By Malika and Tofe.
27 May 2016

On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th April, Year 3 were involved in Level 1 Bikeability training…


...Bikeability is a nationally recognised cycle training programme, which helps us to learn practical skills for cycle safety and confidence. Ola and Jawad were our instructors, and taught us the importance of riding a bike safely.

They talked about how to care for our bikes, like oiling them every month and, avoiding placing them on the chain side when putting them down. Afterwards we learned some basic skills for our sessions, like stopping with two brakes and keeping your hands on the handle bars so you don’t lose your balance. Then we learned about the ‘snake’ to help us with our coordination, and we used it when we had to cycle through cones. Every time we cycled round the cones got smaller. It was very tricky!

It was such a great couple of days. We thoroughly enjoyed this experience because it was fun, but at the same time important for us so that we can become confident cyclists. We are almost professional bike riders!

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