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Hill Mead News Fitness Fun for Sport Relief. Written by Brandon and Ali.
25 March 2016

Friday 18th March was a special day for the whole school because we raised money for Sport Relief...


...Each year group had to run 1km around the school and Somerleyton Road, before having a much needed rest and a slice of orange.

Teachers and pupils alike enjoyed the event and ran their hardest.

Mr Highman, Year 3 teacher, told us, “I loved being able to do exercise with the children in my class and I would love to do it again!”

Sports coach, Mr Wright, thought it was great to raise money for charity through exercise.

We managed to raise over £300! A big thanks to everyone who took part! 

Hill Mead News Year 1 Brixton Pound topic. Written by Ashraf and Erica.
25 March 2016

This term, Year 1 have been learning all about the Brixton Pound…


...and how it helps to support local businesses and charities. They visited the Brixton Pound shop and interviewed Tom who runs it to find out how the Brtixton Pound works. 

They learnt a lot about David Bowie, who appears on the Brixton Pound notes, as well as John Major and other famous people who are connected to Brixton.

We interviewed some Year 1 children to find out more. Akram told us he loved visiting the Brixton Pound shop, as well as exploring the market and other parts of the local community en route.

“We got to see a mural of the star man David Bowie, and all the flowers people left for him”, explained Ryan. Year 1 have been making masks of Bowie’s signature Ziggy Stardust look, and will be performing his song ‘Ziggy Stardust’ in assembly, while wearing the masks.

Hill Mead NewsYear 1 blog

Hill Mead News World Book Day.
25 March 2016

Hill Mead all came together on World Book Day to celebrate our love of reading…


...An inspiring afternoon was had by all as we enjoyed stories from each other’s childhoods that transported us to different lands as different adults read across school.

If you had walked around school that Thursday you would have found Year 5 were regaled with tales from our chef, Mykey, and their laughter could be heard all around the middle floor as he read ‘Death in a Nut’;

Mr Jordon had every class leaning forward in anticipation as he read from ‘Please Mrs Butler’ and Mr West had a fantastic time reading his childhood favourite, ‘Boffy and the Teacher Eater’. 

The children definitely left school that day with an insight into what the adults at Hill Mead enjoy reading.

Hill Mead News National Science Week. Written by Sekeriye and Selena.
25 March 2016

On Thursday 10 March, poor Miss Walters made a shocking discovery…


...when she found some bloody remains in the bark area of our playground!

Pupils in Year 2 studied fur found at the scene under our new electronic microscopes.

Year 6 discovered that the bone found at the scene seemed to belong to a human, as it matched the radius bone on our class skeleton. 

Luckily Miss Blair reassured us when we spoke to her that the crime scene had actually been set up by a group of teachers.

“I am very pleased with how science week went,” said Miss Blair. “I can see we have lots of budding scientists at our school who loved using our brilliant new science lab.”

Hill Mead News Lambeth Music Festival.  Written by Ikram
25 March 2016

This term, Hill Mead pupils had an amazing opportunity to perform at the Lambeth Music Festival...


...The choir performed a jazz medley and the audience gave us lots of applause. We practiced for five weeks and all our hard work really showed in the performance.

Jheyson, a member of the choir, said, “The performance was good, I liked it, it was really nice to perform the songs.” The choir felt so successful for putting on a great show.

The other schools performed pop and Spanish medleys, we really enjoyed watching them. Elizabeth said, “I was really excited to perform our medley, but I really liked seeing the other schools perform too.”

When it came to Year 1’s turn, they did a rendition of ‘The Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor. They really enjoyed performing the song.

The drummers also played and gave a brilliant performance.

Hill Mead News Hill Mead art exhibition at Pop Brixton.
25 March 2016

For one evening last month, Pop Brixton was buzzing with pupils, proud parents and impressed onlookers…


...as Hill Mead’s pupils exhibited their stunning pieces of fine art. The private view, held on 23rd February, was a retrospective of work produced by the Fine Art Club members over the last 3 years.

Fine Art Club member Reezah said, “I feel like I can do anything when I paint. It makes me really happy".

The club meets every Thursday under the instruction of Ms Reid, an artist in her own right. During classes pupils work on one piece over a number of weeks, exploring different techniques and ideas.

Ms Reid said, “Art is thinking and seeing, it’s about maths & science, light & dark, and this thinking can be taken into other areas of school. The children also learn to trust themselves.”

Reezah’s proud mum said “When you haven’t seen their work for a few weeks and you see the difference, you realise how talented these children are. I couldn’t believe what my daughter had produced!”

The exhibition runs until 7th April. Check it out at Pop Brixton Greenhouse!

Hill Mead NewsFine art club gallery

Hill Mead News Investigating Migration. Written by Bernadette and Labiba.
25 March 2016

This term Year 6 have focused our work on the subject of migration, in particular refugees…


...as we have heard a lot about them in the news lately. Many of us thought refugees were anybody who moved to another country, but our research showed us that there was a lot more to the topic than we thought. Someone is called a refugee if they have had to flee their country because of war, persecution or natural disasters. 

There is a big refugee camp close to us, at the French border in Calais. Our teacher, Miss Diss, travelled there with donations from staff and pupils and spent her half term teaching refugees. 

She told us about her experience, “The children I taught were between the ages of 3 and 12. They were so keen to learn and start school again. It was freezing cold in the camp and we didn’t have many resources but we made the most of what we had. The children and their families were so grateful for the generous donations. I hope to return to Calais soon with more.”

Our English text, Goodnight Mr Tom, linked to our topic, as the main character was evacuated from London during WWII. We visited the Imperial War Museum and found out more interesting information about the lives of evacuees. We also visited the Museum of Childhood, and were shocked to discover that over 100,000 children were sent to Australia and other countries because of poverty in the UK between 1869 and 1970.

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