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Hill Mead News Hill Mead shortlisted for national literacy award
20 December 2016

Hill Mead is now on the Roll of Honour for the UK Literacy Association School of the Year…


Each year the award recognises a school that has shown an outstanding commitment to children’s reading and writing, and to their enjoyment of books.

Hill Mead was put forward for the award by Marion Hampton, Assistant Head Teacher at City Heights Academy, for our unique and exciting approach to teaching English.

In her nomination Marion describes how the teachers have “developed English as a vibrant, rich, imaginative and creative curriculum, which stimulates and engages with all of the children in the school.”

Three other schools are also shortlisted; one from East London, one from Bristol and one from Aberdeen. Judges will visit the four schools next term to help make their final decision, and the winner will be announced in July at the UKLA International Conference.

Hill Mead News You can find out more about the nomination here >


Hill Mead News Science club goes with a BANG! 
20 December 2016

Miss Blair has started a science club.…


Students from nearby secondary school City Heights Academy come and help out at our club on Wednesday evenings. It’s really useful to have their knowledge and supervision to support our work.

One experiment we particularly enjoyed was when we made a volcano out of plasticine with a test tube inside it, and we added vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. The reaction between them made the volcano “erupt” lots of bubbles.

There are lots of different chemical reactions that can happen when you mix different things together, even putting mentos in diet coke!

Science club makes science more fun because it’s really hands-on. It is very educational and we hope it will really help us in the future.

When we go to secondary school we will already have a good knowledge of lots of scientific tests and reactions. It also means we can help the other children in our classes in our science lessons.

By Nathan and Nathaniel in Year 5

Hill Mead News Year 5 at the National Theatre
20 December 2016

Year 5 went to the National Theatre for a workshop and performance of Peter Pan…


We were given a tour and we got to see how they make the props and set the stage. The theatre we visited can fit 1160 people, it’s huge! We got to ask lots of questions about it, and we watched videos of the show’s rehearsals.

In the afternoon we did puppeteering, with the crocodile character from Peter Pan. We had to work together to make the crocodile move realistically and to show his emotions, like the puppeteers do in the show. We also used big plastic bags with sticks to create “bag birds”, which we could bring to life using our hands.

The next day we got to watch the performance. It started with a plain sheet covering the stage, then suddenly it disappeared and Neverland was revealed. It was a really dramatic start to the play!

The scenery was really clever – it looked like a children’s playground because they wanted us to use our imaginations to see Neverland in our minds. We would recommend this show for ages 5 and up because there were some scary bits, especially Captain Hook!

Mrs Lawrence is excited to keep our strong links with theatre and the arts; “after Christmas we will be working more closely with the National Theatre and their primary school programmes. We will also be starting an art award for Year 1 to encourage creativity from an early age”

By Keightly and Abdi in Year 5

Hill Mead News Miss Scudamore speaks at major conference
20 December 2016

Miss Scudamore spoke at a conference of the Cambridge Primary Review Trust…


She shared a selection of action research gathered at Hill Mead Primary School in a discussion group: Fostering Creativity in Early Years Science. The research was part of the international collaboration Creativity in Early Years Science (CEYS) project.

The project, led by Dr Esme Glauert (UCL) in the UK, aims to develop and create materials that will support teachers to foster creativity and curiosity in Science. This will be published and used internationally to support teacher training across Europe.

We look forward to continuing our collaborative work with the Cambridge Primary Review Trust in 2017 (see article below), and with the Institute of Education to create and share the teacher-training materials with universities across Europe to produce the best outcomes for young people.

Hill Mead News Learn more about the CEYS project here >

Hill Mead News Hill Mead joins top think tank
20 December 2016

We have joined the prestigious think tank, Cambridge Primary Review Trust…


The CPRT was founded to “advance the cause of high quality primary education for all children”, and works as an independent body to advise on Government policy and help schools find new ways of improving their teaching.

The CPRT has chosen schools that it believes “exemplify outstanding school leadership and work to promote the CPR vision of high quality primary education for all.”

On visiting the school, and talking to our teachers, they believe that Hill Mead demonstrates these qualities.

It is a real honour to be included in this prestigious learning community and we hope it will provide many exciting opportunities for our school to grow to even greater success in the future.

Hill Mead News Visit the CPRT website here >

Hill Mead News Top of the league - again!
20 December 2016

Hill Mead top the Lambeth 6-a-side football league for the third year running…


This is the third year in a row the school has reached this height, having won the league the previous two years.

Last week Hill Mead football team continued our excellent season with two matches against local primary schools. Our first match against Granton Primary was a spectacular win of 4-1.

We were unlucky to concede a penalty against Granton early on, but we came back strong and emerged victorious. Nathan came on in the second half and netted a game-deciding goal, and we carried on scoring from there.

The next fixture was against Durand. It was a really tightly fought match, and we tied 2-2. We have only drawn twice this season so far, the previous time was against St Andrews.

We plan to stay at the top for the rest of the year, and to continue without losing any matches.

By Bilal and Marvin in Year 6

Hill Mead News See Hill Mead’s progress on the 6-a-side league tables here >

Hill Mead News Goodbye, Ms Dove!
20 December 2016

Our lovely Bursar, Ms Dove, will be retiring at the end of this term…


We sent two Year 6 reporters, Cristyana and Ise to ask her some questions about her time here…

Q. How long have you been at Hill Mead?
A. I’ve been working here for 19 years, I even remember some of your parents coming here as pupils!

Q. What have been some of your favourite memories from your time here?
A. There have been so many, it’s hard to choose! I love how much music plays a part in the school. I have always enjoyed watching our choir perform, and seeing our concerts.

Music is very important to me and my family, my Great Aunt Evelyn Dove was a famous cabaret, TV and radio star in the 1920s and 30s. My niece has continued the family flair for performance; she is an actress and singer in musicals.

Q. What has been your proudest moment?
A. It has to be when we got Outstanding from Ofsted! It was wonderful to be part of the school’s journey to get there, and fantastic to see how all the hard work paid off.

Q. What are your plans for after you retire?
A. At the moment I’m planning a holiday to Jamaica to see an old friend, who actually taught here many years ago. I’m really looking forward to some sun, sea and sand!

Q. What will you miss the most about Hill Mead?
A. I will miss everything, from the smiling faces of the children to Mykey’s school dinners. Hill Mead is like a family, everyone cares for each other here.

I will still be living locally, so I am sure I will see people out and about in Brixton, and I hope our pupils will stop and say hello!


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