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Conference: Assessing children’s thinking and learning

Thank you to all who attended and expressed an interest in our conference “Assessing children’s thinking and learning”.

We greatly appreciate the support and feedback we have received, and going forward we hope to develop this project and create a network of like-minded thinkers.

This part of our website will now be a holding page of downloads to share as part of our community of learners. The 'Tools' section contains resources produced under a creative commons licence, and we ask that you respect the relevant licensing terms and appropriately credit the authors when distributing these materials.


Becky Lawrence - Thinking Big and Taking Risks (slides)
The influence of the Creative Learning Assessment (CLA) on children's learning and teachers' teaching -
Sue Ellis and Becky Lawrence
Hill Mead Conference Summary Report
From “How Children Learn”
TLRP Ten Principles
Participant list


Child Learning Reflection
Observing Learning
Observing Learning Summary
Stages Of Learning
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